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I was interviewed yesterday by Alan Whitford on #RecHangout (a great webinar which happens every Wednesday 1at 1pm).  The topic was how to choose the best recruitment technology for the job (and the problem between the keyboard and the chair).  There were a number of elements were discussed, which are summarised below:

  • Software companies need to front load the sales process and stop flogging the diagnostic - they need to spend more time making the client "get it" and walk away if they don't
  • Directors over 35 need to be more connected to their workforce and clients/candidates and stop giving the keys to the business away to younger recruiters who theoretically “get tech”
  • Discussion about how easy (too easy!) it is to apply for jobs and what can be done to mitigate this risk to the recruitment process
  • Expectations of recruitment technology (which includes social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter) should be more realistic and aligned with business goals
  • Every recruiter is a digital recruiter - what are recruiter manager/owners/directors doing about this?  How are they devising strategies to capitalise on and control this?

Watch (or indeed listen - 3g and YouTube rock right now!)

(…and if you can count how many times I say "invariably" you get a prize - god I hate watching myself! I feel for my kids!)

Thanks to Louise TrianceLouis Welcomme and Alan Whiford (known as "lovely" to his friends) for setting up and running the event


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