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We’ve been working with recruiters, speaking with recruitment leaders, and writing / talking a lot about back door placements (or bad weasels, BoBs, missed placements and “shafts”).

I’m delighted that Nick Ellis from HIRABL offered some of his time to talk to us about back door placements, gave some great (scary and exciting) stats, and how his software can help bridge the gap that recruiters are creating (often inadvertently) by a lack of process.

Too Many Systems, Not Enough Process

I’ve written before that I feel that one of the issues that all recruiters face is too many systems and not enough process. The evolution of social media and digital recruitment has swamped the typical 360 recruiter.  Their KPIs have not adapted to the digital age.  They are spending less time at work (recruitment leaders sigh…)

Recruiters Fight or Flight

Often recruiters are either delighted to find backdoor placements and are on fire to get the fee back, whereas other recruiters are embarrassed and don’t feel they have the relationship, skills or will to recover the fee.  Many recruiters don’t even know that they have had a back door placement.

1 in 10 is not good enough

  • Some recruiters see back door placements are an inevitable fact of the recruitment process
  • 10 % of candidate submissions are tracked (which equates to 90% of CVs / Interviews attended are not followed up at a later stage)
  • Emerging markets and high growth industries (eg. gaming) suffer from back doors more
  • 1 in 300 submissions result in a back door hire and the average US/UK free is $15k/£7.5k

Compelling stats.

Newsflash – you don’t have to be stupid to be “back doored”

I've had a few rows online recently with people who feel that back doors can be simply explained away by crap recruiters delivering crap recruiting.

It’s worth noting that HIRABL can confirm that it’s not just stupid, crap recruiters who get “back doored”.  Nick feels that often the back door simply exposes weaknesses in your process which creates gaps in data / information and opportunities to follow up.

The recruitment industry and related processes are run by humans, managed by humans, working with humans – and they often (in my opinion) stuff things right up.

It’s not every day that I meet a recruitment leader who targets their staff with excellent admin and pays them for being awesome data and process managers.  (If you are one of them, and reading this, please get in touch for your Blue Peter Badge.)

Listen to Nick talk about why and how often back doors happen, how they can be tracked, and what this could mean to the average recruiter (whether they are stupid, crap, or simply overwhelmed with tech paralysis, poor process and misguided KPIs…)

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