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We’ve been talking a lot about #CRMFirst lately, and how you can make your recruitment technology work harder for you to build up the value of your business.

The recruitment industry seemingly has a fear of missing out and is inundated with “buy this”, “do more of that”, “upgrade now…” All a very expensive way of doing less with more!

We're giving you less work, more ROI...

We think it’s time for a reminder on what you need to focus on (and what you need to STOP doing)

Take note recruitment leaders!

Here’s what you need to STOP doing with your recruitment technology…

Andrew Forster, Access Group

"Stop being too busy to invest time in becoming efficient. Too many see their CRM and IT systems as a necessary evil and give it little attention, even less training and development and don’t call on the services of the supplier to get the best out of it."

Stephen Barnhurst, Broadbean Technology 

"Stop buying new tech and expecting it to solve all your problems overnight!"

Pete Linas, Bullhorn 

"Stop relying on LinkedIn, job ads and online databases. Use your own pool/database! Start building relationships with candidates in your chosen niche. Build your own talent pools. Embrace your CRM – whatever it is – work out how it can add value to your day and don’t ignore it!"

Greg Savage, The Savage Truth

"Stop ignoring recruitment technology which builds talent into pools rather than adding data to dumps… job boards and LinkedIn, as crucial as they are, are not differentials… if you have a sophisticated CRM where you build talent pools you will create value."

Tim Giehll, Bond International Software 

"Stop leaving the job boards to market your roles – your web is key too! Businesses need to make sure they have easy to access recruitment pages to fill vacant positions they are currently struggling with. Reduce the job boards you post to, and focus on those that are bringing you maximum ROI."

We’ve given you a taster… but there’s more!

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