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Louise Triance from UK Recruiter has asked Lisa to run the keynote session at 16:30 0n 18 June for UK Recruiter.

I am a big fan of UK Recruiter’s Recruitment Technology events; a great room full of recruitment tech so the recruitment industry can see first hand what’s new and can spend time out of the business (crucial) developing their business (critical)

Lisa will also be running a “what to look for in a CRM / how to choose the right one” session around 11:30 – we would love to see you there - click here for more informationand click here to book.

Lisa’s angle at 16:30 will about about funky and strategic recruitment tools and strategies – we hear the term “cool tools” a lot.  We’re big fans of “cool” but we’re even bigger fans ofstrategic (less bang more buck) – so she’ll be focusing on recruitment technology that will help with:

  1. Speedy Sourcing
  2. Sifting talent
  3. Lead generation to give recruiters choice over what they work and knowledge of their sector
  4. Listening (an under-developed but key recruitment skill)
  5. Talking to people / managing accounts / marketing the business / marketing consultant specialisms

Read more about Lisa’s keynote session here.

Hope to see you there.

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