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I’ve been in Recruitment and Technology for a little while (an “unlucky” 13 years, in fact). I have been involved in some interesting, exciting, terrifying, innovative, long-winded, time-bending projects, and there have been many themes that have run through them.

Here are some common themes in the recruitment technology projects that I have been involved in:

  1. Expectations of the different parts of the business vary wildly
  2. An assumption that recruitment software is a set it and forget it ‘thing’ and that the project ends the on the day it goes live
  3. There is no tangible recruitment technology strategy that a CIO would be proud of
  4. Much of the effort is spent on getting the software / hardware working and the assumption that the humans will take to it really easily
  5. Cloud can be scary and servers “rock”
  6. The system should drive business process
  7. Systems are for the recruiters and not the managers / directors
  8. The software is something that is delivered TO the business not BY the business

All of the above can have catastrophic affects on the project – over budget, over schedule and what started off as an exciting business improvement project rapidly turns into the movie Cleopatra (note to the youth… it’s a notorious movie which is 4 hrs long, was one of the most expensive movies and went way over schedule and nearly crippled the studio that made it).

Many of these are human-related.  Us “techies” can often be really snobby about mere mortal “non-techies”.  We use sneery terms like “turn it off and on again”, “is it plugged in?” and PIBKAC ‘problem is between the keyboard and the chair‘.  I’m going to be exploring each of the 8 elements above over the coming weeks and many of them are PIBKAC. Stay tuned.

Thanks to The REC and the RecTecHub for publishing this.

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