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I am a masssive fan of anything that will save me time, and if it’s free, I am as a giddy as a kipper! I use Bullhorn Reach to monitor my network, and it gives me all sorts of benefits.

Some recruiters already use it – but are you getting what you need from it, or are you simply using it to spam your audience with jobs?  (See my previous post of whether you are a job board or a recruiter).  I get a real bee in my bonnet about recruiters making their jobs look easy by simply bleeting on all day about vacancies, when I know for a fact that their job is more sophisticated than being merely an advert poster!

Thus, when Bullhorn Reach was launched, I was very excited as there’s lots of lovely widgets to help recruiters build relationships and discover new business – and then I realised what many recruiters are using it for: to send out more job adverts… doh!

Question: Would you benefit from a device that kept an eye on your network and told you if it felt that someone was looking for a move? Of course you would – thus the Radar element of Bullhorn Reach should get you VERY excited.

Notice the tabs below: Home, Radar, Jobs, Hire, Engage.

I have dimmed personal data, but see how it looks at the profiles of my connections and notifies me that they may be potential movers?  It’s looking at their online activity and reporting back to me…. how else could you gather this kind of intelligence?  Also, it allows me to “Check in” – contact the user and keep in touch.

Love it!

So, if you are a Bullhorn Reach user, don’t forget about the Radar – take a breath and step away from the job posting for 30 seconds and see how the radar could help you cement your relationships – after all, it’s the relationship that will generate the sale in the long run!

If you’re not a Bullhorn Reach user, it’s free and easy to use – so why not give it a try. Keep me posted.

Do you use any other tech that could help with relationship building?

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