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I am a Virtual IT Director and so is Wayne.  Sometimes when we meet people and tell them what our job titles are, we initially get a confused look, then it clicks…  The Virtual IT Director is becoming the “new black” (well in mine and my clients’ worlds), but what does it really mean and what does it do?  And is it “real”?  (And is our office really as tidy as the lady’s to the left?)

Everything’s Virtual These Days

Wiki has a page on on the word Virtual.  There it describes ”that which is not real” or ‘virtual’ is used to mean almost, particularly when used in the adverbial form e.g. Virtual IT Director.  Virtualization is a term used in the IT and business world and one that if applied correctly can save a HUGE amount of money and direct your internal resources to supporting the business more effectively.

What is a Virtual IT Director?

As part of our suite of services, we work with clients as their Virtual IT Director and deliver everything you would expect an IT Director to do, albeit on a retained basis. Yes, we are real people (and we get giddy about tech too!)

Our clients see us as technology coaches.  We review, audit and advise on business process and related applications (CRM, ERP, MRP, EPoS, etc), online presence (web, social media), hardware, software, telephony (land line and mobile) – overall, the application of technology in business …anything with a business pulse running through it. (I got ahead of myself a few weeks ago and said in a meeting “anything with a pulse” and got a startled look!)

We are really passionate about what we do and our clients love our approach and the cost effectiveness off our offering. (I was accused of “invigorating” a client of mine the other day…)

Everyone Needs One!

We know that every business needs a commercial and strategic technical presence. Apart from the having the benefit of having this presence in your business, as your Virtual IT Director we “get” business process and how to get the best out of technology. This service is a more cost effective solution to the traditional full-time IT Director model which smaller businesses cannot justify.

More and more businesses are turning to interim managers, consultants and advisers to help them through post recession (fingers crossed) .  During the recession many businesses have halted improvement projects in favour of “just billing” to keep the business going. We understand that, but feel now’s the time to get going and start building again.

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