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I need your help. It's rare that I ask for it, but I've been paying it forward via my blog for a while...

There are currently lots of questions being asked about: the economy, football, where are all these mad-haired politicians popping up from...?

And for many a recruitment leader...

Why am I not generating the leads I want?

Why are my recruiters not placing candidates quicker?

Where is the ROI from all this cash I am spending on my recruitment business?

3 Little Questions

So I have some questions for you - three in fact.

Three little questions to help me form an opinion and help my clients (and you) understand where you may be going right or wrong?

Some recruiter stats to whet your appetite

  • 70% of the people you place are already on your system... but recruiters often insist on spending 0% of their time sourcing internally first!
  • 50% of you lovely recruiters have not connected your tech together - but many of you consider disconnected technology to be a massive recruitment process disabler!
  • 83% of recruiters are not getting ROI from their recruitment software!

Please answer three little questions in the survey here.

You'll get yourself thinking, make me happy and start us on the journey to world peace!

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