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We teamed up with Sirenum this month for another great #RecruitClever webinar for Recruitment Leaders working within staffing, care, security, temp and transport sectors

They've got some big ideas on helping staffing agencies and temp recruiters see more ROI - you all know how much we love ROI, so this is definitely a match made in heaven!

Sirenum are committed to addressing the industry’s biggest challenges and helping staffing and recruitment industry leaders avoid the common pitfalls they see every day.

Wayne Barclay interviewed Sirenum founder and CEO Benjamin Rubin and co-founder Joshua Pines on:

  • How technology is speeding up processes and creating opportunity for staffing agencies
  • The hidden costs still holding back staffing agencies in 2017
  • How to increase ROI and reduce those hidden costs
  • Why they’re on a mission to transform agency operations
  • How mid-size staffing agencies are missing out 
  • Why agencies need to keep up with digital transformations before it's too late

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