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Is speedy sourcing important to you? Are you finding that you are more reliant than ever on the digital world to source your candidates? Take a peek at this online tool which boasts to source passive candidates.

You probably have heard the stat that only 21% of online professionals are actively looking for work.  The true (passive) talent can be pretty difficult to navigate through the myriad of social streams that it swims in, and you have no more time to find them than you did before online sourcing became such a vital part of many recruiters’ roles.

Have you heard of TalentBin?

The judges of HRTechEurope2012 did and they awarded this cute bit of tech with the innovation HR (iHR) award.  (Lisa was there in Amsterdam to see them win – they were a clear winner, although to be fair some of the other contenders were pretty impressive too!) And if you didn’t know, the themes for the future of HR/Recruitment?  Social, digital, analytics.

TalentBin searches the entire open web and aggregates all the professional breadcrumbs, social gestures (how we behave online) and social digital footprints that we all leave on the many social media platforms we all frequent.

With all this data and a lot of very clever search algorithms, their “Data Exhaust” analyses, understands, combines and creates a CV for recruiters to search.  This means search results of potential candidates could be more meaningful as the results are based on what people are saying and doing and not just what they’ve tagged themselves as.

TalentBin mines and collects a lot of data. As a result they claim that they have created one of the world’s largest databases of passive candidates.

With all this data comes a benefit of multiple ways to contact your potential candidate, be it through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, WordPress etc… Helpful!

Recruiters have so many forums to search for talent so it’s reassuring to see a product that can help source multiple channels and help recruiters to speed up their search by increasing the quality of their search results.

You can trial TalentBin for free at Talentbin.com

Watch this 1 min video about TalentBin too.

Have a play and let us know how you get on!

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