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On Friday 30 October 2015, at 10am, I will be running a 45 minute webinar for recruitment leaders and IT leaders who are interested in upgrading their recruitment CRM system or buying a new one.

This is a big year for Recruitment Software, CRM especially.  We are writing a lot about this and our clients are planning migration and upgrade projects to help them be more effective with data and processes.

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My background is in recruitment and technology and I specialise in recruitment technology and recruitment CRM.  

I’d love to have you on the webinar to hear about the typical areas that recruitment leaders should consider when upgrading / migrating their recruitment CRM.  These range from:

  • Data (to move, bin or clean?)
  • Who’s project is it anyway?
  • What does a project management team look like?
  • How to buy a CRM when you are likely as a recruitment leader / recruitment IT leader to never actually use it!
  • And much more...

Upgrading and migrating your Recruitment CRM can be a disruptive process - this can be good and bad!  I have worked on lots of different recruitment technology projects with lots of different recruitment software suppliers.  By attending this webinar you'll get the benefit of listening to a specialist consultant who works at the forefront of recruitment and recruitment tech every day!

Register for our Webinar if you are changing your CRM this Year (or are at least thinking about it!)

If you are a recruiter, an IT leader or a recruitment leader, and you're looking to review your existing CRM or move to a new one, this webinar will contain vital ideas to help you make the right strategic and commercial decisions.

You can register here now to book your place for Friday 30 October at 10am.

I look forward to seeing you at this online event.

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