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When: 10am Thursday 16 June

Where: London

The UK Recruiter Tech Showcase is back next week! And yep, you've guessed it, Wayne and I will be on hand to answer all your recruitment technology, marketing and CRM questions.

We're delighted to announce Wayne and I have been invited to attend as expert speakers!


Join 20 recruitment technology companies, 7 recruitment technology experts, 100 other recruiters all trying to understand how to best use technology and marketing within their business.

We love these events and can't wait to see everyone on the day.

(Read Louise Triance's blog on why you need to attend!)

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Even more exciting, Wayne and I will be delivering 30 minute workshops. Find out what we'll be discussing below:


Lisa Team 4Lisa - never content with the status quo... always looking to improvement the contentment of recruiters...

I'm talking Content - but not in the way you think!

...the content of your copy, drives the content of your talent pool, convertible leads, internal recruitment strategy.

...the content of your adverts! The ultimate lead generator that recruiters insist on being really bad at!

...the content of your Recruiters’ LinkedIn profiles – who owns it anyway?


Wayne Team 4Wayne - himself, pretty content with most things.

Is your CRM an Asset or a Dump – how can you get it working better for you?

Want to sell your business? The content of your database will help and hinder! Never before has the content of your database been so key - it's value lies in what LinkedIn and the countIess other data dumps don't have - your process and your niche sector knowledge.

Isn't one of your goals to make you "immune" to the worrying belief of your clients, that they have the same access to talent online as you?

The content of your database is one of most important assets - if not your most important!


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