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We have been invited by Bond, a leading Recruitment CRM provider to run webinars to help you get the most out of social media and CRM. The next webinar is on Friday 24th April at 10am, and will be on 10 things to do before 10am in Bond Adapt. 

CRM is a key tool for Recruiters yet all too often it is overlooked and underused. We write lots of blogs all about how much Recruiters can gain if they were to use their CRM more effectively, from stopping backdoor placements to speeding up process and making more, better quality hires. We are un-biased advisors on recruitment tech, we never take commission from suppliers, but we do work with leading CRM providers to ensure timely and effective project management of their solutions, ROI from their recruitment software and improved recruitment process through CRM training.

Bond Adapt is one of the most popular recruitment systems in the UK and US, Mike is going to show you 10 quick nifty things that will help you match candidates to jobs fast, build a better / more fruitful candidate relationships and have clearer visibility of your desk/pipeline. By the end of this webinar you'll be itching to unlock the value held within your Bond Adapt V11 CRM!

Mike Jewsbury Avatar 4 Right FacingMike is a real expert when it comes to training Bond Adapt. As one of Barclay Jones' Software Trainers he travels up and down the country training recruiters on the system every day. Over the years he has trained thousands of recruiters on their Recruitment CRM system. He brings 15 years of experience in recruitment and 10 years’ experience in training recruiters on their systems, which gives him a real knack for offering recruiters valuable insights they can understand. 

A Sneak Peak

Just because he is a generous guy, Mike is giving away his first 3 things to do before 10 in Bond Adapt. If you find these interesting then register for the full webinar with Bond here.

  • Check your Tasks – client and candidate call backs / CV follow-ups (nail that interview!) get client interview feedback (nail that placement!) / check in new starters (nail that that new starter to the wall if they don’t turn up!)
  • Check your Studio – what jobs are you working on and what’s the progress / what’s your placement pipeline (can you book that Porsche test drive yet?!) / What temps or contractors need re-booking? (Don’t waste time – your competitors are waiting to pounce!)
  • Check your Active Hotlists – Have new candidates dropped in that might be good to spec or shortlist against your open job?!

Register for the webinar here, where Mike will be giving away all 10 of his top tips to #RecruitClever with Bond Adapt. 

And whilst you're waiting for the webinar, watch Mike's video on Bond Adapt! 

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