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We ran another great #RecruitClever webinar with Bullhorn this month.

I was on a mission to get you using features of the Bullhorn Recruitment system I commonly see recruiters overlooking. I think we hit target - our recruiters on the session said they'd already started using my CRM tips during the webinar! 

Now that's what they call ROI...

We're helping recruiters figure out what they can stop doing in 2017 to become more successful - so we asked our community what they want to stop this year.

Recruiters want to...

  • STOP dealing with irrelevant job applications
  • STOP needing to justify their existence to clients 
  • STOP wasting time on tech and start seeing ROI 

...it seems recruiters are having trouble attracting the right candidates, impressing their clients and using their tech effectively.

Sound familiar? We solve these problems for you - grab a free Bullhorn consultation to find out how.

If you missed the webinar, catch up below 

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