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I’ve written before how many recruitment leaders I come across rarely interact with their own CRM, and have seen time and time again that recruiters are all too happy to jump back into spreadsheets, notebooks and going by “memory” rather than use their CRM system properly.

Even worse, I’ve seen recruiters wait until a vacancy has been filled or candidate placed before entering any data into their system! (No pipelines! No placement stats!)

Recruitment leaders want to speed up process, make their recruiters more effective and grow their business. This means investing in tech and resources to make all of this happen.

Strange then that many recruitment businesses are investing in technology that goes unused! Any nice ideas around ROI and growth will quickly disappear if the right processes aren’t followed.

More and more businesses will realise that their CRM isn’t just a fancy place to store data; it’s a tool that can help you build, grow and most importantly make money in 2016.

Not convinced that poor CRM usage can have a big impact on your business? Instead of spending paragraphs explaining, we’re cutting to the chase (the Barclay Jones way!) and showing you the problems you will face if you don’t encourage consultants to invest the time and effort into their CRM. There’s more if you dig deep into your own businesses.

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