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Here at Barclay Jones we love CRM and ATS systems. We think it is a crucial part of the Recruitment process, and if it is done well it can help fill jobs faster and with better candidates than anything else. So we asked our resident experts on CRM databases, Lisa,and Wayne about your recruitment database can help you stand out from the crowd and win you clients. 

Lisa Team 4Lisa Jones

I write and talk a lot about recruiters and those elusive USPs.  Being large, the fastest growing, the longest serving just doesn't cut it.  Having access to tech used to be a talking point; now it is ripe the "I've got that too" dismissal from clients.

 I hear a lot that it is a candidate-driven market, so whoever controls the candidate controls the market, surely? Tweet this.

Currently, the recruitment CRM in many recruitment firms is akin to the mad aunt you invite for Xmas but have nothing to really say to her. Your mum and dad do it out of duty and respect, the kids think she smells and is purely entertainment.  2015 for me has to be about recruitment CRM.  We have social tech coming out of every orifice but we have not got any better (or faster) at recruiting. I talk about option paralysis a lot too.

So something’s got to give, literally, and it is the recruitment CRM.  I have been talking to my team about 2015 being the year of the recruitment CRM – big statement, but I want to see more of my clients giving more to theirs and getting more back – and then maybe, these USPs will start to show up again and be credible.  There’s nothing like having something that someone else wants to be in a position of authority.

Wayne Team 4Wayne Barclay 

I was trained as a recruiter to show that you're different to all the other recruiters. This is an interesting and quite difficult exercise as in general, the recruitment life cycle is fairly standard. So what are you doing that your competitors are not?  And how can you use your CRM to give you that crucial edge? In Contract Recruitment, the essence is on speed of delivery to your clients. No problem, you say, I'll hop on the Job Boards and Social Media sites, run a quick search of my CRM candidate database of 30k+, speak to some candidates (that I’ve never met) and then fire over some CVs. "Simples".

However, as outlined in my training experience above, how does this differ to everyone else?

Clients may no longer want the best candidate on the market, they want the best candidate for the job. Tweet this

Having a really well qualified database of candidates that you speak to on a regular basis, know exactly what they do, how well they do it and when they are next available is a much better and quicker recruitment process than the ground hog day that many recruiters have when taking on a new vacancy.  

Searching your database is beneficial as you know your product better than your competitors will be able to do when sourcing from job boards and social media and you'll be able to find and send CVs over quicker than your competitors as well.  Quality is the key to ensuring your clients buy from you and you can do this with a very well qualified CRM database. 

What are your thoughts on the importance of recruitment CRM? Is your recruitment database a source of pride or shame for your business? Do you "sell" your recruitment software to your clients and use as part of your pitch? Let us know in the comments below. 

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