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2016 is about ROI.  

It’s not about spend, option paralysis (too many systems not enough process), expensive systems which offer no value or marketing strategies which generate zero tangible leads.

We hosted another webinar with APSCo showing recruitment leaders how to make 2016 the year of ROI.

Lisa and Wayne work with recruiters, recruitment marketers and recruitment leaders to help them achieve ROI.  This webinar focuses on what ROI in recruitment really is…

They’ll look at:

They have case studies which demonstrate that ROI is not as elusive as many recruitment leaders think.  Bottom line is key, effectiveness is crucial.

This webinar is for recruitment leaders, recruitment marketers and recruiters who feel that 2016 is about improved speed, delivery and return on investment. 

Time is money, resources have salaries and systems reduce your bottom line. 

How can you make 2016 a year where ROI is a tangible goal, not simply an ideal?

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