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We’ve been collecting recruitment leaders’ ideas on what recruiters, marketers and recruitment leaders can stop doing in 2017.

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You’re inundated with “buy this”, “do more of that”, “upgrade…” – all a very expensive way of doing less with more!

I give you permission to simply look at what you have and rationalise it…

Do Less with More? Or More with Less?

I’m seeing too much of the new approach to recruitment – “doing less with more”. More tech, more gadgets, widgets., apps, extensions, CVS, data, recruiters…

Well – I’m a fan of doing more with less

  • Less tech and more calls/meetings/conversions
  • Fewer staff and more profits…
  • Fewer CVs and more sendouts
  • Fewer applications, more quality candidates to send out

Generating cash is key – profit and preferred!

Check out this infographic and see what you may be able to stop doing in 2017

Infographic (2)

What will you stop in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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