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The awards season is almost at an end for 2016.  

NB: The Recruiter Awards deadline is looming - December 16 2016.

I’ve been lucky to be a part of it this year. Being a judge for the Recruitment International Awards and the MARAs and also a compere at the MARAs.

I’ve presented a workshop on ROI from Awards.

I’ve recorded two podcasts about awards with Teri Etherington and Simon Lewis… and my team and I have created quite a bit of content about awards in recruitment.

The Recruitment International Awards was mind-blowing – the venue and the atmosphere really blew away the BrexTrump blues.

From all of this you’ll probably get that I am a massive champion of awards. Not because they are about brand improvement and getting a lovely sticker for your website. Moreover, they improve your sales and share value.

But what if you haven’t the time/budget to enter an award? (Or rather you think you haven’t…)

What if you feel you’re not ready to scrutinise your business and push it forward into the spotlight? Awards should still form a significant part of your strategy for 2017 – and you don’t even need to download an entry form to improve your brand, generate leads, attract talent, or make money.

I want every recruiter out there to capitalise on this booming part of their industry.

There’s so much to be gained awards. I’ve created a 5 step process to generate ROI from them.

Check out the infographic below and see how many of these steps you could tangibly take – after all, you all tell me that building relationships is key.

  • You want more phone and face time.
  • You want cleaner data.
  • You want something to talk about.
  • You want more convertible leads

Grab at least one of the steps in this infographic – “work it” and let me know how you get on.

ROI_from _Recruitment _Recruiter _Awards (1)

And when you’ve done this, head over to the rest of my blogs about awards – there’s plenty of stats and tips on how to actually enter (and win!) so you increase sales and share value.

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