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House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad – roll over – It’s now time for a Recruiter Reality Show! And where have we been in the UK? It’s now at Season 3 – starting now!

This Recruiter Reality show, created and produced by Chris LaVoie, claims to “go behind the scenes into the mind of some of the best and brightest recruiters on the planet” – this could be a horror (or perhaps a comedy?)

Season 2 – Catch up

To give you a flavour of Season 2 meet some of the contestants…

There’s an interesting blend of crazy young hip, headphone wearing tech recruiters, power-dressing women – young and “old” (35+) recruiters (no ageism here – I am no spring chick).  There’s the “I don’t need tech to recruit – I know people” mantras and the “get me on Twitter and I’ll nail it” types. Plus, one of them is even a dragon – the King is there too!

Meet Jeremy “Ultra” Langhans – or Jer.  He wears t-shirts and massive Beats headphones to work.

Or, Esranur Kaygin who has “paid her dues and knows how to turn on the feminine charm”.

Mike Gutokski Loves Adding Capitals To His Bio! (Marketers would love to proof his ads no doubt!)   “Throw us all in a room together with a telephone book and a cell phone and I’ll out- perform anyone present as they fumble for their elusive iPads, recruiting memberships, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more; I hate to see a grown man and woman cry because they don’t have their toys! Please don’t make me change diapers!” (I’ve tidied up and grammar and spelling a little!) Although I think I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for him!

You can watch a snippet here.

Don’t Get Sniffy UK Recruiters!

But before you lovely UK Recruiters get all sniffy – the show has some incredible calibre and support.

For example Rayanne Thorn (massively respected in the HR/Recruiter market) was part of Series 1 and 2, and looks like season 3 too and you can read her reasons for taking part in the Huffington Post.

And Meghan M. Biro (again massively respected in the HR/Recruiter world) writes about it in Forbes.

Also bear in mind that the winner is voted for by the public…

Watch and Learn?

You can see previous episodes here. And perhaps checking out their website or following their Facebook page might offer some light relief from canvassing candidates? I’m certainly subscribing to their YouTube channel so I can grab the episodes as they are released.

One thing that all of the contestants have: passion for recruiting – they are evangelical about it. I respect that!

I’m interested to hear what you lovely people think of the show – is it a reflection of how you recruit? How do you feel your candidates (talent) feel about how the recruiters are portrayed? Could you do better than the contestants?

Discomfort Level 12 Mr Sulu

If I’m honest, watching some of the shows and reading the online collateral has left me feeling uber levels of discomfort. Initially laughing turned to oh no, is recruitment still like this? Do recruiters still come across like this? No wonder candidates in the UK have such a problem being “recruited”.

I get that this is probably sensationalised and the personalities can seem extreme. Then I had a flashback to a presentation at The JobPost in Manchester recently and, well, yes these people do exist in the UK (#BermudaTriangle for those in the know). And yes, this way of recruiting still works so who am I to judge?

I have been in recruitment a while – and let’s face it us Brits know how to feel discomfort. We rule at being humble, aloof and judgemental. I’m going to watch every episode and see what I can gather from it.

Will I laugh or giggle? Will I get annoyed or upset? One thing’s for sure, I’m going to be needing anti-wrinkle face cream for frowns during the season if the trailers are anything to go by. (And let’s face it, that episode when Frank, his wife Claire and the bodyguard in House of Cards 2 – I thought I’d seen everything!)

Season 3 of Top Recruiter (Return of the Jedi?)

Season 3 is now on air so watch it and let me know what you think.

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