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With the release of Spectre, it seems everyone wants to be a little more James Bond - but not everyone knows how!

If you want to find out how to become the best of the best, read on...

Use Your Gadgets

(No exploding briefcases or jetpacks...)

Bond gets out of every situation because he has the right tech and he knows how to use it. You don’t need Q around to get the latest technology – you should already have it!

Your mobile phone should be your best friend – let’s face it, where would you be without a smartphone!?

Use social to quickly spy on your clients, candidates and competition – it’s not as sinister as it sounds! - Tweet this

Stalk Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find out what makes people tick, who knows who and whether they’re looking to move jobs or start hiring – the wealth of information people leave up for grabs on social media is astounding, and just sitting there waiting for you!

Need to work on the go? Forgotten about a client deadline? Mobile CRM systems, time management tools, social media tracking… the list goes on! There’s even an app that can tell you where to stand on tube platforms for maximum efficiency – does public transport get any more James Bond than that!?

Be on Your Guard – the World is Unpredictable!

Bond is always on his guard against surprise attack - make sure you’re ready for unexpected changes and able to handle anything thrown at you (preferably with some one-liners or innuendos if you can get them past HR…).

Candidates can be fickle creatures, turning down job offers or dropping you from their job hunt without a moment’s notice. Clients might try to pull a contract or change requirements expecting you to deliver on time. Be ready for this! And don’t let them see you lose your cool…

Be Brave!

There’s some very real dangers out there, we’ve all heard the horror stories.

Interviewees behaving strangely and making you look bad, recruiters making embarrassing mistakes in front of clients, delivering bad news to candidates… alright, it’s not quite in the same league as having Jaws or Dr No to contend with, but it can feel like it at the time!

Make sure you don’t back down or shy away from challenges – your reputation and career will thank you!

Smooth Operator

Presentation is key! Like Bond, you need to look the part and act the part if you want people to put their trust in you.

No one is going to put their career or company future in your hands if you appear capable of handling with care.

Manners, dress, charm; these things count for a lot in the business world, so if you’re finding that you keep being quoted on certain twitter accounts then it’s probably time to turn on the charm and tone down the confidence…

Reputation is Everything

People know what to expect from James Bond – dangerous, charming, and quick-witted, his reputation precedes him. Make sure you’re building the same kind of reputation with the people who matter.

Before you start shooting guns out of moving cars or trying to chat up your co-workers, give some thought to what kind of reputation a recruiter needs rather than a spy!

Social media might not be as exciting as saving the world, but it’s a less time consuming way to build a persona and have people knocking on your door ready to work with you. Make sure you’re using it not only to dazzle candidates, but to lure in clients too!


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