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I’ve been writing a lot recently about back door placements in recruitment. 

Back door placements are often missed placements - a candidate has begun working for a client and no-one told the recruiter who introduced them!

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I spend a lot of time with Recruitment leaders and they all want to:

  • Grow their businesses
  • Speed up process
  • Build more rigorous relationships with their clients
  • And get the respect back that perhaps the industry used to have?

Back door placements are a fact, even in the contract world.  I was with a client on Wednesday who used the F word to describe his feelings on his contract candidates “back-dooring” him and holding clients to ransom. 


The lovely Louise Triance at UK Recruiter is running a survey on back door placements and I’ve promised to help her get more data. 

Take a minute to click onto this link about clients stealing candidates and let her know your thoughts.

And thanks to those of you have sent me emails about your experiences.  I’ll be compiling everything in the coming weeks.

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