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I've been asked by the lovely people at APSCo to speak at their SME Forum on Thursday 2 July, London.

The SME forum is dedicated to small and medium sized recruitment businesses (there are 1000s of these in the UK).  Lots of our clients are in this category and they often have the same issues as the larger recruitment businesses, but where I see them differ is that the SMEs are more agile.

They can move quicker, make decisions faster and they often have more budget to be creative and try new things - often due to not having to pay for large head counts when change is needed.

Equally, though, agility can be a poison chalice – moving too quick without a strategy (or goals) can be an expensive learning process and small teams can be massively disrupted by inappropriate change programs.

I'm looking forward to the event.  Liz (from Amiqus) has asked me to "get practical".  So I'm doing a session about attracting clients – ie. the people who actually pay us.

Attracting the Bill Payer

There’s so much talk about talent acquisition, but ultimately the people who:

  • Pay our bills
  • Argue over fees
  • Potentially back door us
  • Think your job is really easy (and they can match it with a LinkedIn Recruiter licence)
  • Sometimes take a little too long to agree interviews / feedback / placements…

…and they get ignored by our fervour to attract candidates / talent.

During this interactive session I will be delivering some practical ideas on how to attract clients (leads), as well as how to convert the ones you may already have but you are paralysed by options (“option paralysis”).

Register for the Event

You can register for the event here, and APSCo are always keen to show off their events, so if you're not a member, please get in touch here.

Date of event: Thursday 2 July

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