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I’m doing some research on “back door placements” in the agency and staffing industry and I need your help… read on.

I always ask my clients what their process is for back door placements and I get a number of reactions:

  • What’s a back door?
  • Flinching – “don’t mention the war” – they don’t like them, would prefer they didn’t exist and don’t like to talk about them – and they certainly don’t like chasing cliets for the fees related to them
  • Yes, we have them but are too busy to deal with them
  • We love finding a back door placement – it allows us to get the guns out
  • We don’t have them (Really?)

I am defining a back door placement as…

…A candidate and client who have decided to “get it on” but forgetting to the let the recruiter who introduced them know (#oversight…?)

Someone's Been a Bad Weasel!

So I need your help – your first mission is to let me know what you call them. I have asked a couple of my existing clients for what they call back door placements and so far I have:

  • Back door placements
  • Missed placements
  • BoBs (Behind our backs)
  • Shaft (I’ll let you decide what this means)
  • And my favourite so far - Bad weasels (yes, one of my clients calls them this!)

Tell me About your Childhood

The next thing I need from you is to hear about whether you “suffer” from them.  Maybe you have this issue right now, or maybe you have had it working for another recruiter?

How do you know you have a back door?  Do you have a process?

  • A crack team of undercover secret agent recruiters
  • Something that is akin to minority report
  • Administrators who call clients 4 weeks after a job “dies” and hangs up with the candidate answers?

How have you dealt with them?

  • Stuck your fingers in your ears and gone “nah nah nah can’t hear you”
  • Rubbed your hands together, laughed maniacally and got non the phone to the lawyer
  • Head in hands at desk slumped in visual disappointment
  • It’s all part of the course of being a recruiter – “Sh*t happens”

I’m keen to know how much money is being lost by recruiters when they fail to get their fees from clients.

So get in touch and let me know, email me or comment below. 

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