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As we say goodbye to 2015 and get ready to take on 2016, we thought we'd take one last look back over the year and reveal our most popular blog posts! 

Last year disappeared in a flash of rec tech, SoMe and CRM - plenty of recruitment fodder to keep us going on our blogging travels...

We also had the honour of being voted one of the Top Recruitment Blogs of 2015 by UK Recruiter (thanks guys!).

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Did you miss out on our musings? Take a look below - why not start with our most popular (and rage-inducing) post of the year, Grammar Tips for Recruiters!  

Our Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015...

1. Grammar Tips for Recruiters

2. Recruiters! Don't Expect a Return on Investment from LinkedIn 

3. How Recruiters Can Use Google Analytics to Jedi Mind Trick Talent

4. Does Twitter Make You More Approachable Than LinkedIn?

5. 10 Reasons why Recruiters Don't Use Their CRM

6. Building a High Value Recruitment Business

7. Greg Savage: We Love You

8. Getting Real ROI From Your Recruitment Technology

9. Smart Recruiters Know Great Marketing is Critical

10. Which Type of Star Wars Recruiter are You?

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