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Apologies in advance for the tenuous links to recruitment – I have done LIONShairdressersdating and now coffee.

I am a coffee shop addict. I have a Costa, Starbucks and Caffe Nero loyalty card.

My house is equidistant from all three. I get up in the morning and choose one and get my fix.

Recently I had a bit of a run in with one of them (let’s call it Coffee Bearo).

I turn right out of my front door and this is what happens. This coffee shop has a policy of making sure that you are served by the same person throughout the process. The person who takes your order makes your coffee and takes your money. In theory, lovely. In reality the following has happened on regular occasion and one day totally p’d me off!

I go into the coffee shop and get in the queue. There’s about 3 people in front of me. The barrista asks me what I want. No eye contact, no smile, no recognition (I go in all the time). I give my order and wait in line. As I get towards the front of the queue it is clear that my Chai Tea has not been made. They have forgotten. They ask again. Again no eye contact or acknowledgement.

They make my drink, take my money and whilst they are doing this they are asking people behind me what they want. (Nice!) I have spent £3 and feel totally ignored (add that up over a year). In brief I nip into their Facebook page, complain, they send me vouchers to apologise and when I go to spend them history repeats itself… doh!

I turn left out of my front door and go to another coffee shop, let’s call it TarDucks. I queue. Someone asks me what I want, they know my name (oops, being a regular is both embarrassing but has its perks). They take my money and pass me on to the person making my drink. The process is fluid (literally). My drink is as I want it. The staff have engaged with me. I have spent £3 and spoken to and had eye contact from a couple of nice peeps. Spot the difference. (But maybe they can afford this approach with so a low tax bill.)

Do your recruiters make good coffee?

Apologies for the tenuous link; this blog has been brewing for a while (apologies again).

What recruitment model do you have? One where your recruiters are responsible for every part of the process, or one where parts of the process are passed on to specialists? Does it work? How are you measuring its success?

Granted , the analogy above may not always fit. Many small recruiters don’t have bandwidth to split the role down. I get that.

But please think about the overall candidate and client experience. Does it work? Do the candidates and clients feel engaged with or simply interviewed (there’s a difference).

(My view on Costa – by far the best muffins!)

(Originally published on UKRecruiter – thanks)

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