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I’ve been working with my clients on their back door processes. I’ve heard some interesting stories around “bad weasels”, “Bobs” and “missed placements”.

You can be “back door’d” by a client or indeed a candidate. Either way it’s pretty bad. You spend time creating a pipeline of talent, managing precious client relationships, only to be “shafted” (another name a client of mine uses to describe back doors). Alternatively, you have no pipeline, no relationships and you simply trap clients with on spec CVs and solicitors letters demanding fees once they take the bait!

What is the reality of back door placements? Are all clients who do this bad weasels, or are they simply the victim of poor recruitment practice?

I've been invited to talk about this at the next RecHangout on Weds 19 November. You can come along and listen/take part (via Google+) / watch the video afterwards.

There was a debate in a previous post - many people feel it is only "crap recruiters" that get "backdoored" - this makes me cross. Hoping the debate continues next week.

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