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Ahoy! I am a Plymouthian and as such this equally means that I am likely to have pirate blood in me.

I sit here shivering my timbers and penning a blog to celebrate international talk like a pirate day.

Lisa is known for waxing lyrical about recruiters being like dogs, squirrels, hair dressers, scavengers. I thought I’d get my hornpipe out and talk about recruiters being like pirates.

Bilge Rats

Now this may not be news to you – we all know that recruiters can sometimes not have the best reputation – and neither can pirates. Perhaps all recruiters are bilge rats, cut throats and cutpurses?  I’ve been in recruitment a while and I don’t think they are.

Yes, I appreciate that Pirates of the Caribbean helped to improve their image (Johnny Depp and Kiara Knightley…)

Avast Ye!

So here are some phrases (pieces of eight) that you may want to use in your roles on talk like a pirate day.

(And if you’re from Devon, you may just want to do this full time!)

  1. A candidate who has back-doored you is a Davy Jones – and you wish you could ask them to kiss the wooden lady! (Think about it…)
  2. A poor CV that you “bin” – you “deep six” it
  3. What many of you do on a Friday night at the grog shop: drink until you give up your half penny (until you throw up), perhaps whilst catting (chasing wenches)
  4. What you’re unlikely to hear your boss say when you leave your current recruitment agency employer: “fair winds” (Good luck!)
  5. If you’re an agency recruiter, and a client back doors you they are a filibuster (sea born raiders).
  6. Perhaps you’ve been naughty at work and your boss has had to “lower the boom” (you’ve had a good telling off)
  7. I bet every recruiter wants to be “pistol proof” and a swashbuckler (dashing handsome and immortal)
  8. And one for tonight when you’re off catting…

… C’mon lad – shiver me timbers!


…Would you like to scrape the barnacles off of my rudder?


…Come on up and see my urchins!


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