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I am running a Leaders in Yorkshire Recruitment event with Irwin Mitchell on June 4.

Who is this event for?

Recruitment Leaders in Yorkshire who have an issue placing vacancies (erm…. all recruitment leaders in Yorkshire?)

The Leaders in Yorkshire Recruitment Network has been running for over a year now and we have covered topics such as:

  • Data protection
  • Social media strategy
  • Job adverts for recruiters in the digital age
  • LinkedIn data ownership
  • Contracts of Employment / Restrictive Covenants
  • And so on…

Our next event with Irwin Mitchell is on June 4.  The topics:

  • Practical talent attraction strategies
  • What follows after successful talent attraction?  Commission!

Passive Talent is the new black

My session is about how recruiters can attract talent (active and passive).  We all get how to hit the phones, spam people with #jobs and “source” - but few recruiters (or staffing companies) seem to be able to grasp how to use social media to "get sticky".  Or maybe they grasp the idea, but don’t think that they have the tools or time.

Never before has it been easier to find talent – it’s so easy even your clients can do it! Tweet this!

Candidates competing with recruiters for placements (by going direct to the client) coupled with the proliferation of tech in the recruitment world - the recruiter role has never been more 360!

Don’t even get started on the fact that many recruiters are suffering from a lack of time, brought on by an increase in inappropriate (time wasting) job applications from candidates who think that a recruiter’s role is to get them their dream job (that they’re not remotely qualified for…)

Yes, clever recruiters know how to source, but I think that the genius recruiters attract.

I will give some practical ideas on how recruiters can attract and glue talent to them, without using every cool tool on the planet and without disrupting the recruitment process with inadequate applications.

What follows after successful talent attraction? Commission!

Research carried out by Irwin Mitchell and YouGov shows that 79% of employees are aware of the recent judgments on working time and holiday pay and the extent to which overtime, bonus and commission should be reflected in holiday pay.

Of those, 1/5th say they are considering a claim yet over half of the employers who were surveyed did not have a plan in place. Do you understand the practical implications of these judgments for your business?

Padma Tadi and Glenn Hayes from Irwin Mitchell will look at:

  • What are the new risks to businesses?  Will all forms of overtime, commission and bonuses have to be included?
  • Can businesses safely rely on the restrictions imposed by the EAT in Hertel and Bear Scotland and new legislation which affects claims issued from 1 July 2015, to limit their liability to pay backdated holiday claims?
  • How can businesses deflect speculative approaches for information about holiday pay from non-recognised and recognised unions?
  • What are the approaches other businesses are taking to holiday pay and what are the practical steps you can take to minimise your liability in that regard?

If you would like to attend this invite-only event, please get in touch here.

We look forward to seeing you there and giving you some practical tips to attract talent using social media, whilst protecting your business (and finances) in light of developing case law.

In the meantime, check out our blog and YouTube channel – both bursting with great recruiter tips on social media, sourcing, attracting and tech to make recruitment and recruiters more efficient.

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