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The next Yorkshire Recruitment Leaders Growth Network is on the 5th of March 2015. 

Many events for recruitment leaders are based in London – sometimes Manchester if you are lucky!  We know this as we are often speaking at them.

Barclay Jones and Irwin Mitchell however want to build a community of recruitment leaders in Yorkshire by helping them to use the latest techniques, tools and technology available to be successful in a competitive market.

We run quarterly (invite only) events for directors of recruitment firms and those responsible for recruitment in their organisations. As specialists who work with recruiters, we will share top tips to help your business grow, generate leads and attract talent whilst continuing to protect your business.

All events will be held as breakfast gatherings so that your attendance will have limited impact on your already busy working day. You will also have an opportunity to network and share ideas with like minded businesses.

Lisa Jones from Barclay Jones and  Padma Tadi from Irwin Mitchell will be running the event.

Lisa -Jones Lisa Jones

Barclay Jones is a consultancy working with agency recruiters on their recruitment technology and social media strategies. 

Prior to Barclay Jones, Lisa worked in a number of Recruitment, IT, Web and Operations director-level roles. She is a technology and strategy junkie with keen eyes on the business process.

Lisa has worked with many recruiters (yes, she's been about bit!) and she's been lucky enough to work with some pretty inspiring recruitment business owners and leaders. The time that she spends with recruiters really inspires her.  But she often sees many wasted opportunities for staffing firms to be better.  She wants to share her thoughts on what she would do if she owned a recruitment agency, based upon the recruitment projects she has delivered and what she feels is the future of the recruitment industry.  She will review:

  • How to stop your recruiters turning into hairdressers and simply renting a seat in  your office
  • What a social media strategy really is
  • Data, analytics, CRM - all hot topics for recruitment leaders
  • How to engage outside of office hours (when did recruitment start to finish at 5:30?)
  • How to work with hiring managers and not against them
  • ...and other areas she has worked with clients to improve

Padma -Tadi -Irwin -Mitchell Padma Tadi

Padma advises a range of employers from PLCs to SMEs (including many recruitment agencies) on their ever-changing employment law obligations and provides representation at Employment Tribunals. As the market starts to pick up again and people are on the move, Padma is increasingly called upon. She helps businesses develop their goals and strategies to not only retain key employees but to protect their business from competition if those key employees leave.

Her part of the session she will touch upon:

  • How to incentivise and retain key staff
  • What business interests can be protected
  • The key contractual clauses and staff policies you should have in place
  • How to minimise the litigation risk when hiring staff who are subject to restrictions
  • What enforcement options are available and what remedies you can obtain
  • How to respond to allegations that you have breached/induced a breach of contract

This event is for Leaders of Recruitment Firms and Teams - If you would like more information about this event, please drop us a line via email or call Lisa on 0776 4241387. 

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