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I was delighted to be invited to speak at Recruitment International's event on "Seeing ROI from Awards"

I've also created a podcast with Teri on how to lose a recruitment award - you can listen to it here.  

How to Get ROI from Awards

All too often recruiters spend lots of time and money trying to win awards, only to get little ROI

I think that awards are a great strategy to improve your brand, attract talent, clients and other recruiters.  But why do recruiters often invest all of their energy leading up to the event, have fun at the event, only to then not capitalise on their win or being a finalist?

You can see the slides below. I talked about:

  • Things you need to be before, during and after entering / becoming a finalist / winning an award to get ROI
  • Some interesting (and compelling) stats around why awards are critical for your morale, pipeline and profit


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