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I confess, I am a Greg Savage groupie. He knows this – I am not ashamed.

I am a recruiter advocate.

I’ve been in the industry for 16 years. I have worked in recruitment firms big and small, across all sectors and flavours.

I now work as an advisor to recruitment leaders and help them grow their businesses through tech and digital marketing.

I recently attended the Social RecruitIn event with LinkedIn where James Caan talked about a lack of training, how recruiters are not as profitable as 30 years ago, even with more tech than they need to be competitive.  He talked about how recruitment leaders need to be more “social” and engage digitally.  Then at the REC’s Scale Up event Greg Savage talked huge sense about how recruitment leaders need to “get with it”.

Greg had so many soundbites my phone died and Twitter got a break from me – but I managed to note down with a pen (yes I own one!)

Here are my 10 Inspiring Quotes from Greg’s talk at the REC.  These are precious to me as they are what I advocate every day to my clients.  I’ve offered Greg a job as my Sales Director but he’s too busy touring the world watching sports and running the odd “recruiter chat” ;-)

  •  “We must accept that recruitment is merging with marketing” today’s candidates are influenced by content and their experience is based upon what they know of recruiters and how they are dealt with by recruiters.
  •  You are working harder for less
  •  Those of you getting your staff to compete over cold calls are competing over who can piss off the most prospects
  •  Cold calls? Warm calls are better
  •  We’ve got to get into the modern era – branding, social media, CRM
  •  Too many recruitment leaders are short-term junkies and don’t do strategy
  •  The future of profitable agency recruiting is where technology meets skilled human interaction
  •  Every recruiting function should really operate as a digital marketing agency
  •  If you compete on speed you compromise on quality.  If you compete on price, you will follow your competitors into liquidation
  •  Your digital footprint is the most important marketing asset you have

Thanks Greg – I am your groupie and you are my muse.


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  1. Great article Lisa, Greg is just brill isnt he, those soundbites are going on the wall!!!

    Helen Charteris

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