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Happy Halloween Recruiters!

We've written a few "scary" blogs about recruiters over the years and there's plenty of "Recruitment Horror Stories" online.

We see our fair share of creepy recruiting mistakes and while we like to think these torturous acts are confined to the past, there's a few guilty recruiters who need to be exorcised of this horrible habits...

We got together as a team and compiled a list of what we think are 13 scary things happening in the recruitment industry - which could be made into Horror Movies!

Some are scary, others are downright horrifying!

1. Rosemary's Baby

Don't add leads to the CRM - only vacancies (hence can't track success / losses)     


Recruiters who don't keep their data clean and then cry over their LinkedIn Licence invoices     

3. Carrie(!)

Don't reject candidates for the wrong reasons (and hence break the law)    

4. The Shining

Don't search their CRM first, before spending hours online sourcing talent (when 70% of placements were already on your CRM to begin with)

5. The Blair Witch Project

Keep their job adverts so secret / mysterious that they get either no, or irrelevant, applications    

6. Psycho

Don't train their staff to be effective with systems but still expect them to be awesome and time effective (and get to the phone!)     

7. Nightmare on Elm Street

Only share crappy job specs on LinkedIn then complain about not being trusted in their Niche     

8. 28 Days Later

DropOuts... are a scary thing for recruiters... when a candidate accepts a job and then back tracks due to a counter offer...    

9. The Thing

Counter-Offers - a risk of candidates being offered a better deal than their current employer. What are you doing to keep them warm?     

10. The Exorcist

Candidates with a 6 or 12 month Notice Periods - and employers threatening to hold the candidate to it!? Anything can happen in that timeframe!?     

11. The Babadook

Assuming your super users have time to train your recruiters to be "super" with recruitment technology     

12. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Hit and run approaches to sourcing candidates meaning recruiters don't nurture relationships!

13. Dracula

Outdated or poorly implemented recruitment technology draining your company of time, money and placements...      

What do you think? Agree with our horror movie choices?

Add your own recruiter horror stories in the comments!

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