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Yes, I used to be a recruiter.  In 2000 I left the safe zone of being a sabbatical officer for Bradford Uni (Treasurer for 2 years running – and yes I had the strapline “You can always bank on Barclay”!)  The most important achievement? I set the beer prices.

I joined a (then) well-known recruitment firm because I wanted to achieve world peace – actually I was promised stupidly high commission rates and a work-hard-play-hard culture.  I’d been at uni for 6 years (including my degree and 2 years in sabbatical).  This new job seemed just the ticket.

Now I work as a consultant to the industry, and boy have things changed.  I often work with younger recruiters and they have no idea how much tech they have access to in comparison to what I had (in my day…)  Has the job got any easier?  I'll leave that to you to decide.

So here goes…  here are my memories of being a recruiter in 2000...

  1. No computer - rolodec and telephone sellotaped to hand (this is not a metaphor!)
  2. 1 administrator working for 20 consultants - it took a day to send an email to a client (if you were lucky)
  3. Getting my first BlackBerry and thinking that I was the bees knees (it was actually purple and had a dial to flick through numbers!)
  4. Hours were 7-10 and I'm not talking am-am.
  5. Coloured shirts with white cuffs and collars - they came back in recently!
  6. Making a pass at my boss (and it really back fired!)
  7. "Get on the phone" was standard comms
  8. I needed 2 vacancies and 2 send outs a day or words were said
  9. 35% fees!!
  10. I bought a hifi with my first fee!
  11. Work nights out were very sordid! Ah, those were the days!

Dare I say that recruiters today don’t know they were born? (How long have you been in recruitment?  Any funny / not so funny stories to tell about “the good old days”)

(Thanks UKRecruiter for publishing this blog.)

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