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I recently published a blog entitled 'how to shortlist a candidate from the size of their bumps' with the informative RecruitingDaily website and barclayjones.com.  It was a dig at the culture of recruiting which is potentially ignoring clever analysis tools in favour of gut feelings. (…But if you want to grope your candidates and use it as a basis for your recruitment decisions, read this…)

Recruiters Ignore Clever Analysis Tools in Favour of Gut feelings

Now I get that this is a sweeping statement to make (I have lots more if you’re interested – recruiters are like squirrels, barista, hairdressers), but I am seeing a trend for some recruiting agencies and staffing companies to want to try and maintain control of their theoretical USP by having sole responsibility for the view and feeling of the suitability of the candidate.

Both video conferencing and psychometrics are, on the whole, being ignored in favour of face to face (and often only phone) interviews.  But current technologies have the potential of massively improving the candidate and recruiter experience and speeding up process – which I know for a fact are leading goals for many of my clients.

Stressed Recruiters

I attend meetings with recruiters stressed out about their in-house contacts competing with them, recruiters having too many tools and not enough process and trying and failing to engage with passive talent.  Surely something has to “give”?

Stephen Says…

We’ve launched a soundcloud channel to help people access our content (and because we love talking to recruitment technologists and recruitment leaders).

I recently spoke with Stephen O’Donnell about psychometric profiling and he shared some fantastic insight into this process and how it is being used by recruiters, and how it actually could be used to speed up hires, increase length of service and offer true value-add and consultative services (and not simply be used to prove that the candidate is not mad!)

Listen here…



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