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Lisa FlippedLisa has worked with many recruiters (yes, she's been about bit!) and she's been lucky enough to work with some pretty inspiring recruitment business owners and leaders. The time that she spends with recruiters really inspires her.  But she often sees many wasted opportunities for staffing firms to be better.

She wants to share her thoughts on what she would do if she owned a recruitment agency, based upon the recruitment projects she has delivered and what she feels is the future of the recruitment industry.

She will review:

  • How to stop your recruiters turning into hairdressers and simply renting a seat in your office
  • What a social media strategy really is
  • Data, analytics, CRM - all hot topics for recruitment leaders
  • How to engage outside of office hours (when did recruitment start to finish at 5:30?)
  • How to work with hiring managers and not against them
  • ...and other areas she has worked with clients to improve.

We have been invited by Bond, leading Recruitment CRM software provider to run webinars to help recruiters get the most out of social media and CRM. The webinar is on Friday 27 March at 10am.

Join us for the second in our series, and find out what Lisa would do if she owned a Recruitment Agency. It will give you plenty of food for thought!

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