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It’s never been easier to be a recruiter – everything you need is online, right?


It’s never been harder being a recruiter – everything is online – and your clients can see it too!

This is the new era of the recruiter having 2 more types of competitors:

  • Candidates
  • Clients

Candidates are so much more savvy now about finding a job, and little cute bits of kit like LinkedIn’s Job Seeker upgrades do a lot of the hard work for candidates.  They follow company pages on LinkedIn and Facebook. They watch Twitter streams for jobs.  They even use Twitter job aggregators like www.twitjobsearch.com to surf for jobs on Twitter.

Clients are more confident than ever at posting their own jobs – LinkedIn is not shy of approaching businesses with fab deals on job posting, and clients even see the recruiters that they are connecting posting jobs like there’s no tomorrow, so why wouldn’t they try and replicate this seemingly simply job?  After all, recruitment is really only about advertising isn’t it?

Is this real?

  1. Recruiter advertises job
  2. Ideal candidates apply for role
  3. Recruiter sends their cv to client
  4. Client loves the cv, wants to meet the candidates
  5. Client meets the candidate, has a tough choice to make, but makes it and… Placement, invoice, smiles…

Hold on, I got something wrong there.  Maybe it’s this…

  1. Recruiter carpet bombs the job online
  2. Recruiter receives so many applications they can barely think, let alone surf their own out of date recruitment CRM for talent
  3. Recruiter sends some CVs to the client
  4. The client agrees to see some of the candidates
  5. Meanwhile…
  6. The client advertises the role (probably with the help of their internal marketing team carpet bombing the role online)
  7. Candidates apply in their droves
  8. Client starts to get a little excited about recruitment being easier than their recruitment partner has made out
  9. Client then starts to get overwhelmed by the volume and also has a day job to consider
  10. They then receive your long list, they add it to theirs and come up with a shortlist
  11. They do some interviews (probably a little downtrodden by the process)
  12. They pick someone… let’s hope it’s the recruiter’s candidate, otherwise what a waste of the recruiter’s time!

And what a shame… when recruiters could really be educating their clients as to how specialised recruitment is, helping their clients get on with their day job. Rather what seems to be happening is that they spend more time training their clients to advertise for themselves…

So, what are you doing to help your clients understand what you do?  Do you make your role look scientific and necessary or easy? How could you make yourself stand out as a recruiter and not merely a job advertiser?

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