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I have made comparisons of recruiters to:

Coffee Baristas
40 Year old virgins

And many more tenuous links...

And now for the Squirrel… Or perhaps a dog?

I have a 5 year old son. Anyone who has one of them knows that they can be actively engaged in something, and in a blink of an eye, they get totally distracted. (In fact, my husband does this too!) A bit like dogs and squirrels? You’re walking along, the dog is at one with you, you are their best friend, then they smell / see a squirrel… everything changes! 

Have you seen UP!? It’s a favourite in our house. There’s a cute scene when a hyper-intelligent dog gets distracted by a squirrel.

 So, now for the comparison of a recruiter with a dog:

1. Boundless energy, will get themselves into almost any situation, and can talk their way out of it – woof!

2. Easily distracted (apologies for the huge generalisation), but I often see lots of projects, all designed to make more money, but they sometimes lack focus and resource. Recruiters can get so distracted by stuff, but the process of recruitment is really quite simple.

3. They love toys… how many bits of kit do you need to make a placement? (And how many bits of chewed paraphernalia do you have lying about that was great when you got it, but now is unloved?) See my previous article on barnacle technology.

Comparing recruiters to squirrels?

Here’s some food for thought:

1. Advertising and searching on every job board (tree) going in the hope of attracting the right talent (this often leads to attracting too much talent that can’t be sifted and annoying existing talent database who thinks you’ve forgotten about them) – nuts!

2. Saving CVs for winter… nuts!

3. The majority are cute and cuddly! And so are recruiters!

4. Squirrels belong to a family of rodents called Sciuridae – what a complicated name… similar to some recruitment / hr job titles that are difficult to understand

5. Some types of squirrels have been known to take down a chicken! (Predatory recruiters!)

6. Squirrels can live until 6 years old, but most do not make it past their first year (this may have some similarities to the live span of a recruiter in an agency?)

7. Squirrel teeth never stop growing! (eek!) tenuous and just plain weird!

See any similarities above? 

I have been in recruitment for a while (I have the wrinkles, white hair and war stories to prove it), but the role and process hasn’t really changed. The kit associated with it has come on massively and the data silos are stupidly huge. Your clients are now your competitors, small agencies are creeping up on massive agencies and taking chunks out of them, and candidates are so savvy they can get the job before you even know there was a vacancy.

Have a think about how you’ve adapted your business / desk to the new digital age, think about better ways to find and store your nuts and whether the toys you have the right toys to help you deliver to what is in essence a really simple process. And stop getting distracted by nuts!

(Thanks UK Recruiter for publishing this - very kind.)

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