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Winning awards is not just a goal, it is a strategy.

All too often recruiters spend lots of time and money trying to win awards, only to get little ROI.

I think that awards are a great strategy to improve your brand, attract talent client and other recruiters...

But why do recruiters often invest all of their energy leading up to the event, have fun at the event, only to then not capitalise on their win or being a finalist?

Entering and winning an award should be on every recruiter's plan for 2016. I'll cover what I think it takes to get ROI from being a finalist or indeed a winner.

We're big fans of Recruitment International, so I'm delighted that the talented Teri Etherington has invited to me to speak at an event in July for Recruitment Leaders and Marketers who want to learn more about seeing ROI from entering and winning awards.

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Date: Thursday 7 July

Time: 14:30-16:30

Location: London

It's not the taking part or the winning that counts, it's the ROI!

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Lisa Team 4Lisa is a Director of Barclay Jones. She supports Recruitment and Marketing Leaders to grow their businesses and improve profitability through effective digital marketing and technology solutions.

Lisa is a passionate advocate of recruitment and her team of technology, social media and training experts work with recruiters to make them more effective and profitable.


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