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Turning Candidates into Clients. It's All about Being a Sensible Recruiter.

As part of our Recruitment Leaders SoundCloud series, James Nathan from the James Nathan Experience talked to me about building relationships with talent so well that they become a friend / advocate / referee, and ultimately a client.

James is a business development and coaching professional who works with businesses to make them more profitable. I was interested to hear about his approach to and thoughts on smart sales within recruitment. I wanted to pick his brains about the lack of case studies that the average recruiter has about converting candidates into clients.  I just don't hear enogh aot this being the norm!

We had a quick call to chat about:

  • How recruiters often treat their candidates like one night stands (I feel a blog coming on!)
  • You need to seduce your talent (interpret as you wish... although some recruiters I know may need some practical pointers! Wink!)
  • How great sales people often make poor marketers of their own product (and this is something I really want to fix!)
  • Is the placement process often abdicated to the finance team, and hence the relationship that the recruiter may have begins to wane once the candidate accepts the role?
  • Keeping your team secret is not the route to approachability, and approachability is the route to advocacy
  • Are any recruiters out there KPId on the quality of relationships, or simply the volume of their jobs, send outs, placements?

The candidate experience should be good enough to sustain the entire recruitment lifecycle, not simply the initial, first placement.

This is smart recruiting and is totally achievable and self-sustaining – but all too often not achieved.

James talks a lot of about "sensible activity" of recruiters to help them understand that the bar does not need to be set massively high (or unachievable) to be appropriate and to achieve return ROI – it’s all about process! (You’ve heard me say that before!)

Listen to James' interview here:


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