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Christmas is coming! It’s tempting to try and put off annoying tasks until after the holidays (future-you can worry about all that admin!) but it’s important to get everything locked down before everyone disappears until January.

As the countdown to Christmas begins Barclay Jones have turned to the leaders in the industry to find out what they prioritise before everyone turns off for Turkey Time.


Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software

“Review software – if you are planning on changing your recruitment software, plan ahead. How you will make your decision? Charting a strategy before you begin will make the process easier and will enable involved personnel to visualise the end result more clearly. Without a detailed plan, the process can become never-ending. The run up to the new year can be a little slower for some companies, so use the down time you have to schedule some online demos with providers. Keep track of how the software meets your requirements, and create your top list. You can then continue into next year and schedule more in depth in person demonstrations with all of the key members of your team.

Update your data – in an ideal world, your data is clean, accurate and aids you in your recruitment efforts. But how do you truly know if you don’t ever ask? The end of the year is a great way to reach out to candidates and do some checking of your records. Send an email out from your system to ask about their current employment status, alongside a request for them to update any of the information you have if it has indeed changed. You may find you get responses from candidates you thought were previously happy in their current job but are now looking and ready to change their career path. Just make sure you update their records once you get responses so you can keep the system clean and full of the most up to date information possible!

Focus on relationships – people are generally in a positive mood over the festive season. This is a great time to build on the relationships you have been working on all year long. Try and visit as many clients as you can, especially those you know don’t ‘close’ over Christmas and New Year. Taking them a luxury hamper or an indulgent box of chocolates will go down well in the office and the thought will be remembered. Above all else, it’s the relationships that matter and some genuine face to face time will make a memorable impact over a card in the post which is quickly forgotten. “


Peter Linas, International Managing Director, Bullhorn

If you know Pete, he’s not a man for messing with 10 words, when one will do.  He has very simple advice that every leader in recruitment should relate to.

Plan Plan Plan for 2016, it will be here before you blink. Make sure you plan for:

  • People
  • Target Markets
  • Offices
  • Technology

Hit your numbers


Brandon Metcalf, Founder of Talent Rover

“Wrap the year up with a bang and focus on increasing the number of send outs that their teams are generating. Many people get distracted and assume everything slows down, but there are many clients who are eager to utilize the remainder of their budget. I think this is even more so with the uncertainty of the economy next year.

Year end is when we see a dramatic increase in software purchases, and we've already started to see it. Newer cloud-based software, like Talent Rover, are pushing the envelope and driving dramatic change in the marketplace. I also use this time to not only look for a new software platform but looked at the hardware we have been using throughout the previous year to ensure we were using the latest and greatest.

Year end also brings in the strategy and planning discussions for next year. SIA currently predicts that 2016 will be very similar to 2015, but this could change quickly with several of the current global economic challenges we are seeing. I would be looking at a plan for growth and also a plan to potentially ride out a minor global recession.”


Wendy McDougall, CEO, Firefish Software

Recognise the value of your database. Recruitment companies have a wealth of useful and detailed information at their fingertips. If you take full advantage of that resource you’ll be making better placements and generating new leads in no time. We put together a blog and whitepaper to help recruiters find their data’s value, which you can read here.

Take a close look at your business model. There have been substantial changes to the recruitment sector in the last few years, and businesses that don’t adapt are going to start falling behind. In particular, consider whether you’re using your candidate database intelligently, and make sure you know which channels prospects and candidates are spending their time on. We put out a comprehensive whitepaper on what businesses need to do to succeed and have been loving the feedback.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t get so caught up in the day-to-day of running your business that you forget to work on growing it. You’re more useful to your business taking a big picture view than getting too involved in the nitty-gritty. Trust your team, and do what you do best. Our CEO, Wendy, puts together an impassioned argument for spending more time on growth, you can read it in its entirety here.

If you want more great recruitment advice, Lisa Jones interviewed our CEO Wendy McDougall on predictive recruitment and generating real recruitment tech ROI in 2016 – listen here.


Thanks to APSCo for hosting this series.

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