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I am flipping delighted that we have won the UK Recruiter Blog of the Year Award for “Agency Influencer

As well as the work we do with recruitment and IT leaders, we get a real kick out of working with marketers of all levels in recruitment.

Content is king is often used as a mantra… and we love helping marketers devise practical content plans and strategies for content ROI.

So when we win an award for delivering blogs which are classed as “top agency influencer” – everything snaps into place for us. We're practising what we preach - a positive and passionate approach to our market.

We are passionate about recruitment, and those that work with us know this to be true. Being influential is flattering – it helps us consult and give the practical advice we know will help recruiters improve speed and process and leaders improve profit.

Thanks to Louise Triance for being a genuine advocate too. She said about the awards:

When we set up the UK Recruitment Blog awards 9 years ago it was because I really wanted to encourage more recruiters to blog. We wanted to promote it as a medium for candidate and client engagement and to encourage our industry to realise the benefits of blogging.


It's been a great success and as the years have gone on we've seem some really good industry blogs - which the awards can help to showcase.

The Agency Influencer award is a new award Louise introduced for 2016 to highlight individuals who use blogging to position themselves as experts or thought leaders within recruitment.

Now I just need my kids to give me the same award (“kid influencer”) and maybe I’ll achieve the ultimate – going to bed on time – doing homework without moaning – putting the toilet seat down after peeing!

One can only hope!

Big thanks to the judging panel and blog sponsors; Peoplise, Hireserve, The Global Recruiter and National Online Recruitment Awards.

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