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Are you a recruiter?

Do you work in the recruitment industry?

Do you manage / direct your own recruitment firm?

Do you pride yourself on being “in the know” about recruitment, marketing, business, technology and social media?

Well, if that’s the case, see you on 7 November in London for UK Recruiter’s end of year conference, and if you’re savvy, grab the 50% discount code further down in this blog.

The lovely Louise Triance has penned 10 Reasons to Attend and I am one them - ”shucks, thanks Louise!” ‘) 

There’s a huge amount to learn at this event.  What are considered the gang  of social, rec tech etc… be there!

I could wibble on about it all day – but won’t.  If ever there was an excuse for a word cloud… ta da!  Book here: http://recnet7nov.eventbrite.com the 50% discount code is SpeakerCode.

Hope to see you there.

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