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Louise Triance is running her UK Recruiter End of Year Conference November 12 and she’s asked me to talk about Recruitment Technology.

She’s been kind enough to write a profile of me (that’s a fiver well spent, thanks Lou!)  You can check out the people I am in great company with and the overall event agenda here.

Kevin Green, Ann Swain, Andy Headworth, Roy Ripper, Katharine Robinson, Dan McGuire – all great names from the UK Recruitment scene.

The conference celebrates a year in the UK Recruiter calendar and is entitled:

The Recruitment Conference; Back to Basics (with some advanced stuff for you clever people!)

Hope you can come.  My speaker slot is about Recruitment Technology:

This fast paced session will cover setting real goals, understanding reporting, valuing training, decluttering and re-engagement with existing systems and getting ‘social’ and ‘mobile’.  I'll look at how people, not technolgy, make placements and how you or your directors should stop saying you ‘don’t get technology’.

(I have some lovely discount vouchers if you need coaxing!).  Don’t underestimate how much value being out of your recruitment firm, listening to industry experts, and taking time to think about your business is worth… “Working on the business rather than in the business” and all that!!

Perhaps I’ll see you at the NORAs later that night?

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