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Here at Barclay Jones we are passionate about maximising the efficiency of recruitment processes and utilising the very best recruitment technology. We know recruitment leaders are too, but sometimes the big ideas can be lost in the day to day work of running a successful recruitment business. That’s why we decided to give all the recruitment leaders out there some great ideas by asking key members of the Barclay Jones team what they would do if they ran a recruitment agency. 

Lisa -Jones 100Lisa Jones

I have blogged about this before in 2014 (twice) and given around 20 different ideas ranging from sweets to being a real B if the data isn’t right on the system. It’s now 2015 and I am feeling that the theme for my clients this year has to be efficiency.

So much tech and not enough process (or speed) is what I am seeing every day. Tweet this

Option paralysis leading to stagnation and USPs been flushed away. In other words, my “what I’d do if I owned a recruitment agency” is I’d get the database right, not take prisoners on how it is used and have a USP to leverage my relationship with my clients.

Wayne Barclay 100x 100Wayne Barclay

Recruitment is a highly entrepreneurial environment with people full of great ideas and an ever-changing drive to be different from your competitors, show value in what you do and provide a great service to your client (which also happens to drive your own turnover).

The one thing lacking across many recruitment businesses is the gel that helps drive projects.

Any change requires a clearly defined goal or objective and a well communicated plan that helps drive that success of that project. Tweet this.

I find that this is often because recruiters are very focussed on their clients’ business rather than their own.

Having a dedicated well educated person or team who is responsible for driving that change, is a positive factor in driving growth across a recruitment businesses. That person or team should be responsible for ensuring not too many projects are undertaken (which can prolong the timeframes or dilute the final result) as well as ensuring that everyone involved in the project is clear of their role and responsibility. They should also be responsible for communicating to the board, project board and wider stakeholders the progress and expected outcomes (and timeframes to successful completion).

Many recruitment business have these people who are driven, great communicators and great planners yet in many cases they are not supported by the sponsor or directors of the business, as they are not provided the environment from which to make the project a success. If I ran a recruitment company, I would ensure there is a team that is built to help facilitate change and they are supported and well regarded across the business, which ultimately would generate success and growth.

Rose -Megson -100Rose Megson

It may be a pipe dream I know, as a lot of recruitment businesses want consultants up and running as fast as possible, doing the whole 360 from day one, but often the pressure and steep learning curve proves too much.

If I ran a recruitment agency...

I would ensure that all trainee recruiters spend at least a month working as a Researcher for one, or a team of consultants. Tweet This

Spending a month as a Researcher allows you to learn the market, the roles and the type of candidates you will be working with. It teaches you about your recruitment methodology and all the jargon that goes with it: retained, contingent, sendouts, vacancy led, candidate led.

With the right training it makes the person an uber sourcing specialist, able to use the internal CRM, LinkedIn, Google and advanced searching techniques. It teaches the importance of qualification at interview, digging and listening for information, collecting names for BD, and referrals. Most importantly it gets the consultant on the phone (interviews, name gathering), an ESSENTIAL skill that new recruits need to build confidence in and ‘get over’ as soon as possible.

We are also running a webinar with the lovely people over at Bond International Software on this subject, because we just love to talk about it so much! See our blog about the webinar for more info and register for the webinar here

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