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We've just released a really useful Recruiter E-book!

...and of course it's all about how recruitment leaders and recruiters can become more successful. We spoke to leading influencers in the recruitment industry to create a short e-book filled with their top tips and advice on what recruitment leaders should STOP doing to see success in 2017.

Recruiters STOP 2017 Ebook Barclay Jones

Our position in the market gives us an invaluable view of the recruitment sector, it’s problems, goals, ideal strategies and tactics to deliver talent, clients and profit.

The recruitment industry seemingly has a fear of missing out and is inundated with “buy this”, “do more of that”, “upgrade now…” All a very expensive way of doing less with more! Spending 50% of your day sourcing talent which is already on your systems should be a wake up call.

My business is passionate about the recruitment sector – we’ve been awarded “Agency Influencer 2016”.  I'm delighted to be joined by key players from the world of Recruitment in this e-book. Our goal is to help, advise, inspire – and give you permission to “STOP”.

Thanks to all of the other influencers who joined me in the creation of this content. I hope it gives you food for thought.

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Recruiters STOP 2017 Ebook Barclay Jones

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