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Dec 17 is looming...

Star Wars fans all over the world are polishing their lightsabers and planning what to wear to the cinema.

The (predicted) biggest grossing movie of all time is about to hit cinemas...You can even book a flight on Air France specifically to see it early.

Parents over 40 will finally be able to put to bed Star Wars Episodes 1-3 which we pour scorn over (which our children seem to love!)

We at Barclay Jones work with Jedi every day – recruiters who create peace in the galaxy with great talent.

Easy to spot with their lightsaber (their phone), their cloak (a nice outfit).  We also work with the odd Jar Jar Binks...

In honour of (which is for many) a MASSIVE event in our calendars this year, we have created a quiz to help you decide which type of Star Wars recruiter you are!

Dig deep, use The Force for good and see who you are!

And don't forget to Tweet / Facebook your result!

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  1. cool quiz! Thank you, LIsa! You've just made my day :)


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