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I ran a webinar on Friday.  It is part of Barclay Jones’ monthly #RecruitClever series.

The topic: Write great job adverts.  The premise being that the market has changed (obvious statement) but the way to attract talent using adverts has not.  Or if is has, it's too far behind.

We are still writing adverts that would have gone to print back in the late ‘90s and then complain when we don’t attract the right talent.

And there’s the constant comments regarding the talent shortage – whereas I believe in many instances that it is simply a matter that there’s a lack of “interested talent” – big difference.


We are running these monthly sessions to give our our clients and the wider recruiting community a chance to step back from their assumptions about how social media works as a recruiting tool.  We have 2 goals for our clients:

  • That they use social media strategically to market their business, grow their brands and achieve their business’ goals
  • That the consultants within the business use social recruiting tools tactically to deliver their recruitment process.

Register for next month: How Recruiters can actually use Twitter  on Friday 17 October.  Hope to see you there.

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