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I am not one of those social media peeps who advocates mass following – I show people how to build lovely, relevant communities that you can talk to and more importantly listen to! 

Too many people out there are social media floosies (see previous post) – following anything in a skirt, and being a social media bore – just wibbling on about themselves. You are less likely to get a second date if you bore me to death!

So in my previous post I pointed to some symptoms of a social media bore or a social media floosie, and I promised Louise at UK Recruiter that I would follow up with a blog on how to keep a handle on the numbers of people you follow on Twitter, so that you can get more value from it,  so here goes…

  • Study and reduce your followers by using gorgeous bits of kit like Socialbro.com – I totally love this website. It helps me study my followers (and also those of my clients/competitors) and helps me to manage them (follow/unfollow) on the fly. 
  • Twitter lists – create lists of people you want to mix with – this can really reduce noise and help you zone in on conversations (more detail needed Louise?)
  • Subscribing to Twitter lists is also a great strategy and does NOT affect your follower numbers - look for lists that others have created and subscribe to them.
  • Don’t be a ninny and follow people just because they follow you… it’s not sincere, it’s not really possible in reality and it’ll just make your world REALLY NOISY!

Clearly I would be giving bad advice if I did not warn you about the mass following / mass un-following penalties that Twitter mentions on its website (it’s worth checking these out and being aware).  However, I recently dropped a lot of people I was following and I am still alive (cross fingers please).

Think carefully about your Twitter (and overall social media) strategy – what do you want to achieve?  If raising your profile, generating leads, sourcing candidates and finding content is what you want, then being selective about how you spend your time on Twitter, who you follow and ensuring that you listen to what’s going on out there is key.

Originally posted on www.ukrecruiter.co.uk (thanks Louise).

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