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Ain’t social media great?  Really!  I am the first one to talk to my clients about how it can improve their processes and bottom line, but to be fair, there are things that we really need to think about and plan for as it’s not all roses, and it can make the recruitment process harder, if not make it totally fail.


These are 5 reasons that I think that social media has potentially made recruitment harder (but trust me, I can think of 100s of reasons it has made it easier):

  1. More candidates are visible = more searching, more surfing, more sifting, more data and more time spent.
  2. More corporates are trying to recruit for themselves (that’s what LinkedIn wants them to do…), and if you are a corporate, you may not have a snazzy ATS to cope with the flow of candidates.
  3. Candidates can really look at employers and their brands, and judge them on it, for good or bad.
  4. Clients can look at candidates online and see what they are talking about on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – and potentially reject them based on what they see.
  5. Recruiters have to market themselves, their services and their business more than ever before to attract the right attention.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you helping candidates to understand what they need to do to maximise their hiring chances using social media (this could simply be a 5 min check for every CV you send to make sure that they are not mis-marketing themselves online)
  • Are you educating your clients as to how their employer brand may look to potential quality candidates?
  • And what does your own employer brand say about your recruitment business?  Candidate loyalty is not what it was, so you need to try harder to engage with people looking for work… it’s not all about vacancies, and people      certainly don’t just move for just the cash anymore.

I have had a few of my agency clients say recently that they have lost placements due to their clients checking social media profiles of the people they have sent across and rejecting them based on their online comments / behaviour.  It is still legal if rejections are not discriminatory…

Thoughts?  Have you lost placements because of this?  Or maybe you are an employer who uses social media to vet their candidates…  Comments welcome.

So, for once, I’m not screaming about how great social media is, but I really am advising my clients to think practically about a few pitfalls, that they could plan for to protect their process and ultimately pipeline.

Update: I have created a LinkedIn Poll in order to do some research and need your help… can you respond?


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